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What is Complexity?


Also known as an escape room, exit game, quest, adventure room

Perfect for date nights, birthday parties, team-building, and company events

3 Steps To Adventure

The Game

You are the center of a real-life interactive game. Complexity is a fun group activity for people with a sense of curiosity and adventure.

The Goal

Search the room to find the clues, crack the codes, and decipher the puzzles. You must work together, brainstorm, and communicate with your team to complete the mission within 60 minutes. And have fun!


All bookings are private, so you are only paired with the people in your group… never with strangers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Escape Room Info

An escape room is a unique and fun way to spend time with family, friends, or coworkers. In a nutshell, it is a timed group activity in which you enter a room that is filled with clues, puzzles, and activities that guide you to the main goal: completing the mission and getting out of the room.

As soon as your group is briefed, you’ll enter the room and the Gamemaster will start the clock. You’ll have 60 minutes to find all the clues, solve the puzzles, and complete the mission of the room.

There are no horror elements in any Complexity room. Some of our rooms have low-level lighting or darkened areas, but there are no zombies, creatures that will jump out, paranormal activity, or gruesome/doomsday scenarios. There is an excitement of racing to beat the clock, but nothing in the room is frightening.

No. While the mission may require you to exit through a locked door, there will always be a way back to the lobby (or the bathroom). We will explain everything during the game briefing before you enter the puzzle room.

Reservation Info

Our pricing is $44 per person for 2 people, $37 per person for 3 people and $30 per person for 4 or more. Plan to be at Complexity for almost 90 minutes: 60 minutes in the puzzle room, with time before for briefing and rules, and a few minutes after for any questions you may have.

We recommend ages 10 and up, as our rooms and puzzles are appropriate for all ages. Complexity is family-friendly, though children under age 10 may find the puzzles and strategy a little complex. Teens 17 and younger must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Players younger than 15 must have at least one parent or guardian present in the room while they play.

Of course! Just call or send us a note. We’d love to help you plan a birthday party, corporate function, or group activity for family and friends! For groups larger than 8, you will be divided into teams and can compete against each other for time. We can also accommodate large groups and special events by appointment outside of our regular booking schedule.

Yes. When you book a time online, simply pay for the minimum number of players for the room. The other players may pay by cash or card at the front desk when they arrive. All major credit cards are accepted.

Yes. Complexity: A Puzzling Adventure is a PRIVATE booking experience. When you book the room for your group, no one outside of your group may book for the same time, and the reservation availability closes out online. If you’d like to add additional players to your group, they can arrive at the same time and pay by cash or card upon arrival. All major credit cards are accepted.

Please call us when you can (860-409-7009) and we can discuss.

If you cancel a booking at least 24 hours before your game is scheduled you will receive a store credit to rebook at your convenience. If part of your group is unable to make it we will update your pricing to the new number of players and refund you the difference. Please note that our price changes based on the number of people booked.

Group Info

No. Complexity reservations are all PRIVATE bookings. Your group will have the puzzle room all to yourselves.

Each room has a set minimum and a recommended maximum. For groups larger than the room maximum we recommend dividing into teams and using multiple rooms at the same time. Complexity can accommodate up to 32 people simultaneously with our puzzle rooms.

Your entire group should arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled game time. We have included enough time for you to get settled, use the facilities, and be introduced to and briefed by your Gamemaster for what to expect.

You should bring your sense of adventure and problem-solving skills. We will supply the rest.

Yes, you can keep your personal belongings with you, and we have a place for you to put them in each room. We recommend your phone stay on vibrate so you can immerse yourself in the full experience of the room! As part of our Rules, you cannot take photographs or videotape any part of our rooms.

No. We do not allow drinks of any kind in the puzzle rooms. We also reserve the right to deny access to the puzzle rooms if a player appears to be unduly intoxicated and therefore a danger to the players or the equipment in the puzzle room—if this occurs, no rescheduling or refunds will be given.